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Other Screen Houses are odd sizes or shapes They are still constructed with the same high quality materials, by the same skilled workers as our standard sizes of Shelters.

Other sizes are often different shapes also. but they are the same high quality you have come to expect from ScreenHousesEtc.com We try harder to find what you want and need from our suppliers. Size and shape can be a fun way to personalize your outfit while it still remains cool or snug as needed. Your guests will be amazed as you serve lunch from that different looking arbor.

Try fun ways to set up your Other shelter. Awnings and panels can be utilized in innovative ways. Screen Shelters and Tents are an extension of you, so use them to the fullest to show off your artistic ability. Tapes, patches, etc from our Accessories page can make your Other Screen Shelter you. You don't need damaged areas to nave fun decorating.

Now that we're decorated lets go to the beach or lakeside and smile as people stare while watching us set up our Other in minutes. get the grill out and start lunch or dinner. Our personalized shelter will be the talk of the area. Be sure to tell them where you got the Other Screen Shelter, as well as the idea and supplies. At ScreenHousesEtc.com of course.